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Being a good athlete isn't just about training regularly. It's also about optimising your body. At any age, your body requires adequate nutrients to function at its best. Being deficient can affect you before, during and after games, by way of fatigue, soreness and general energy levels!

Mōdere products are used and recommended by elite level athletes such as ex-NBL basketball players Blair Smith and Marcus Timmons, Olympian Glenn Rypp, professional bodyboarder Glen Thurston and can help you gain a natural advantage on and off the court by supporting and improving your overall health, allowing you to maximise your potential!


Here are some of our favourites that have had amazing results for both professional atheletes and young players alike:

Natural Mineral Drink - colloidal mineral to increase intake of healthy trace elements, replenishing your body after exercise, and restoring balance.
Children’s Multivitamin - delivers a broad-spectrum blend of important vitamins and antioxidants to help recovery and increase immunity.
Protein Bar Chocolate Fudge - low carb, high protein snack bars for a light meal on the go that's good for you!
Protein Shake - pea protein powder that helps preserve lean muscle mass and assists weight management.
Sports Rub - a cool penetrating muscle rub used before or after exercise to support your muscles perform at their best and enhance recovery!
Energy Shot - healthy energy drink full of natural ingredients to give you increased energy and focus, without all the nasties!

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